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Charleston County, SC

Tree Service, Tree Removal, and Tree Trimming in Charleston SC

We are a professional residential tree service company servicing all aspects of your home and property including full tree removal, stump grinding, trimming, pruning and land clearing & lot clearing.

4M Tree Service is also a commercially driven company with proven track record in disaster relief – which includes hazardous tree and limb removal for public safety, hauling disaster debris both vegetation and C&D working under federal and state government contracts.

What We Do

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4M Tree Service specializes in tree removal encompassing all residential projects for both home and land, we also specialize in commercial tree removal at the local and state level.

Our tree removal process can be accomplished utilizing our "0" Impact Tree Removal. Which will leave your land, or yard looking just like we found it. 

Tree Removal Services

Traditional Tree Removal

Our tree removal process can be accomplished utilizing our 0 Impact Tree Removal. Which will leave your land, or yard looking just like we found it.

Please ask us about our "0" Impact tree removal process.

Tree Removal by Crane

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Often the best way to make your tree stand out and continue to enhance your property is through Trimming and pruning.

4 M Tree Service specializes in tree trimming and pruning to make sure there are no hazards, enhance the look of your tree, and make sure your tree stays health and strong for as long as possible.

Tree Trimming

4M Tree Service owns and operates 2 large grapple trucks with the ability to haul vegetation and construction & demolition debris on any scale size. We offer a 24 hour emergency roadside pick up. Please contact us to discuss any of your hauling needs.

Debris Hauling

4 M Tree Service offers full clearing of both commercial and residential properties. This can include both felling of designated trees, and hauling. We focus on your needs and ensure your land and property is treated and left exactly how you desire. Please contact us to set up a free estimate of your land and lot clearing.

Land & Lot Clearing

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With every tree removal we offer a a stump and root grinding discount!

As a final touch to a tree removal comes the often difficult task of Stump Removal. Clearing the old sump from your property will allow for your future planting, landscaping or construction plans. Our trained experts at 4M Tree Service can remove existing stumps and roots that you may have, or those exposed after a tree has been removed from your property.

Stump Grinding

4M holds the ability and desire to treat and manicure your palm trees, removing dead fronds, leaving your property the beautiful low county, coastal look.

Palm Tree Maintenance

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